A Call for True Beauty!

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A woman wakes up at 5 Am to take a twenty-minute shower.  She spends twenty minutes drying her hair, twenty minutes putting on her make-up, and twenty minutes picking out her outfit.  She spends twenty minutes preparing her low-fat breakfast so she can wear her skinny jeans later that evening.  She brushes her teeth and reapplies her lipstick before she walks briskly out the door to her posh vehicle that she spends a fortune on monthly payments. From the outside this woman looks like she has everything together.  She spends her time consumed by how she looks and what others think of her.  She rarely reads her bible and she makes sure she says a quick prayer before she enters her prestigious job.  She works hard all day, barely takes a lunch break, and scurries home with the hopes that the man she likes has left her a message on her machine. In the meantime, she makes sure she is home for her favorite T.V. reality show at 7 PM.

Tonight I watched The Devil Wears Prada with a few of my friends.  It got me thinking about how woman, including myself, spend so much time in front of the mirror and our thoughts are flooded with ideas of how we are supposed to look, feel, and behave.  It made me think about woman like the one that I wrote about above and how we are consumed by this idea that if only we were prettier, skinnier, dressed better, drove the right car, or had the right job that we might have a better man calling us on the telephone or this day in age, the cell phone.  How deceived our society has become to the reality of true self worth, self-esteem, and inner beauty.  We have forgotten that true beauty is from within, that outward beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive (Proverbs 31:30).

The other day I was running around a local lake in Minneapolis, MN and I saw an older man running towards me on the trail.  His skin was floppy and his muscles were not as defined, but you could tell that he has been a runner most of his life.  I thought to myself how he must have been in pretty good shape in his younger years, but even athletic men become old and wrinkly.

If only this woman would have spent more of her precious time in front of her bible, a good book, or listening to a wiser-older person.  If only this woman would have spent more of her time mentoring a younger woman, serving in her local community, and less time in front of the mirror.  This woman may have found herself a man that actually wants to talk to her, spend time with her, and she may even feel better about herself.  Outward beauty is great, but it doesn’t keep you married, it doesn’t keep your job, and it certainly doesn’t give you more self-worth.  If a man marries you just because of your outward beauty than he probably isn’t the man that will stick around very long.

Look around people.  Everywhere you go, no matter the place, you will find someone who is better looking, smarter, richer, and more successful.  You are not the best.  Nor is the person whom you are comparing yourself to.  You need to create a self-worth founded on truth of who God created you to be.  You need to create a self-worth that is in competition with yourself not your neighbor or your best friend.  You need to spend more time bettering who you are on the inside so that your outward appearance is more attractive.  If only our feelings matched what I am saying.  Nothing that I’m saying is conventional.  It is against everything that media and Hollywood is telling you to do, but I can honestly say if you better your insides your outsides will be more appealing to others.  You will actually be able to hold a conversation.  You will be more confident, more successful, and you may even look younger longer because you aren’t stressed out about what others’ think of you.

A woman wakes up at 5 Am.  She reads her bible, prays, and worships the Lord for an hour.  She spends the next hour showering, drying her hair, putting on her makeup, picking out her outfit, eating breakfast, brushing her teeth and running out the door.  She makes it to work on time in her car that is paid for.  She prays before her morning meeting.  This woman works hard at her job and spends lunch with a co-worker sharing her thoughts on the book that she was reading the night before.  She drives home happy, content, and ready to serve at the food-drive at church.  She likes to match her clothes, but finds bargains or hand-me downs from her friends.  She wants to get married, but trust that God’s will is being done.

You tell me which woman seems more appealing!

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