How to Run in the Cold

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Recently I have signed up for a ten-mile run.  The run is in March and I have approximately two months to train. I have attempted to run on a treadmill but my efforts have failed me.  I would much rather run outside around a beautiful lake or on a trail.  So I decided to purchase some gear that would allow me to run in the dead of winter.

Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, to name a few, are all companies that create gear that can be worn in the cold.  They call it coldgear.  I purchased gloves, an ear band, compression pants, a long sleeve compression top, and a jacket.

The gloves that I purchased are made of polyester and spandex.  They are longer than the cheap cotton ones that cost a dollar or two.  They are meant to resist moisture and keep the hands warm.  The ear band is meant to keep the ears warm but allow my head to have fresh air.  This will keep me from overheating.

The compression pants that I purchased are fitted to keep the warmth next to the skin.  The lining is made of polyester, which is meant to insulate, dry quickly, and retain its shape.  So although the outer layer has elastane (another name for spandex) to make it stretch the polyester keeps it from stretching and not returning to its original shape.

The long-sleeved compression top that I purchased is fitted as well and for the same exact reasons as the pants.  I made sure the sleeves and torso of the shirt were both long enough to cover the skin.  There are different style options.  I chose to buy the round neck instead of the turtle neck because I don’t like things tight around my neck.  To keep my neck warm, I would need to wear a neck warmer, a scarf, a jacket that zipped up, or nothing at all. The jacket that I purchased is meant to keep the wind out and add extra warmth.  It is light yet doesn’t add too much resistance while training.  Here is what the Under Armour website says about  ColdGear: “Ideal for days when it’s 55° F and below, ColdGear® features a dual-layer fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates body heat – keeping you warm without ever weighing you down.”

So far I have been pleased with my purchases.  The temperature in which I have run outside has been around 30 °F.  I have played broomball in much colder weather and have remained warm as long as I keep moving.  So far my feet have not been cold, however I am not sure what colder weather will do to feet without anything special to put on.  While playing broomball I put on really thick wool socks.  My running shoes would not fit wool socks very well.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

Another trick that I have done while running in the cold is making sure to chew mint gum.  It keeps me from coughing.  It is kind of like having a cough drop in your mouth.  The cold of the air tends to take my breath away.  By chewing gum I have eliminated the coughing.  It also keeps me from needing to drink as much water while I am running since the water fountains around the lake are turned off for the season I needed to come up with another solution.

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