The Ugly Sweater

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I just had finished swimming and was heading home to get ready for an ugly sweater Christmas party.  I was at the stoplight and was reminded of my need for an ugly sweater.  About fifty feet in front of me was an Old Navy.  I thought it was possible they may have some ugly sweaters.  When I pulled into the strip mall area I noticed a consignment shop called, Clothes Mentor.  I decided that I would check it out.

I was browsing around looking for anything ugly that would fit and I was having no luck.  I decided that I would ask one of the sales ladies for help.  Her response to me, “we don’t sell ugly things.”   Priceless.  We began to sift through all the sweaters and with no luck sales lady one asked her coworker if she knew of any ugly sweaters.  Sales lady two knew the perfect one.  She bolted right to the ugliest sweater in the store.

As she held up the ugly sweater it was as if fireworks had just gone off.  Yes, not only was it the perfect sweater it looked like fireworks had just gone off.  It was filled with blue, white, pink, and gold glitter threads that were interwoven into the black yarn.  It was the perfect ugly sweater.  I immediately asked if they had any gold leggings.  Sales lady two said no, but we do have a lot of jewelry we could look through.


As I walked towards the front of the store there was a lady heading towards the sweaters I had just finished sifting through and was walking away from the jewelry.  In her hands she was holding the only Christmas brooch the store had.  It was the perfect little brooch.  Sales lady two and I thought the very same thing, perfect.  Sales lady two asked the guest if she was planning on purchasing the brooch.  She told her she was still browsing and wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet.

The guest laid her belongings on the counter so she could continue looking.  With the brooch on top I laid my sweater on the counter and sales lady two took the brooch and placed on top of my ugly sweater.  It was in fact, perfect.

Meanwhile, sales lady one was looking through jewelry trying to find earrings or a necklace or something for me to wear with my ugly sweater.  We joined her in the quest to find something that I could wear with the ugly sweater.  After several minutes sales lady two pulled out the perfect pair of clip-on earrings.  They were located on the bottom-back of the moveable rack of earrings that probably had never seen the day of light.  These earrings were gold and about three and a half inches long.  They had colored jewels hanging from each strand of gold rings that reminded me of the three wisemen.

Sales lady two hung my sweater up behind the counter to hang the earrings over the sweater.  All three of us agreed that they were the best option.  I asked the sales ladies what the likelihood of the other guest purchasing the brooch was.  Sales lady two went to the guest and asked her if she was planning on purchasing the brooch.  The guest had not made up her mind yet.  I told the sales ladies that I would purchase the sweater and earrings, go to Old Navy to see if they had anything and I would be back in ten minutes.

When I walked into Old Navy I walked through the entire store.  I prayed that if there was anything that would go with this sweater that it would just pop out so I didn’t have to waste my time.  At this point I had about an hour before the party started.  I turned the corner from where I was and there in the sales area was a purse that looked exactly like the sweater I had just purchased.  I couldn’t believe it.  And it gets better.  Right above the purse was a pair of glitter shoes, size 8.  Perfect.  I pulled both from the rack and went to the wall size mirror to try it all on.  I had my outfit.  If only I could complete my ensemble with the brooch.

Ugly Sweater Winners!

I made my purchase at Old Navy and returned to Clothes Mentor.  I walk into the store and immediately sales lady two tells me that I got the brooch.  I asked her what happened and why the other lady didn’t want it.  Sales lady two tells me that the guest asked her if the sales ladies liked it and sales lady two told her, eh and shrugs her shoulders.

I officially had my ensemble.  My glitter was the hit of the party.  I won the most likely to cause a seizure award.  The award was a Christmas Santa hat with elf ears.

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  1. I am glad you won. Do you have any pictures of this ugliness?

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