About Me

I took this photo at Mt. Saint Thomas in India in 2011

Thrivin Life was inspired by my passion for wanting people to go beyond their everyday monotonous life and start thriving at what they are good at or to overcome an obstacle that is keeping them from enjoying life.  Life should be enjoyed, even if the situations we face are difficult.

I began my journey of being a life coach back in eighth grade when I volunteered at a battered-women’s shelter for a day.  I realized at that time that I wanted to help people as well as work with people in low-income situations, mostly working with youth.  In ninth grade, all students were required to take this freshman class.  In the class we learned about communication and other living skills.  I remember thinking that if I ever taught, I would want to teach living skills.

In high school and college my passion for the inner-city youth grew and I started aiming my career choice towards teaching living skills.  In 2002, I received a Bachelor’s of Science from Iowa State University in a major called, Family Services.

I was encouraged strongly by my father to get a Master’s degree so I had a chance at making a living.  I was very resistant to the idea but I started to do my research.  I told my dad that if I found a program that was one year, practical, and I didn’t have to write a thesis than I would get my Master’s degree.  A few months later a classmate of mine, whom was one year ahead of me, told me about a program that fit my requirements to a T.  I spent my senior year working towards the prerequisites for the program.  I moved to Minnesota in 2002 and got my Master’s of Education from the University of Minnesota in the area of Family and Consumer Science in 2003.

Little did I know that this program used to be called, Home Economics.  I was an athlete not a seamstress.  What did I get myself into?  I stuck with it because I had my end goal in mind.  I wanted to teach living skills to inner city kids.  After going through the program and being in the school all year I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for, just not how I thought it would happen.  I received a job at a high school in St Paul in 2003 and I currently am working at the same school.

After working as a teacher for eight years I sensed something was missing.  In March of 2011, I went on a mission trip to India.  When I returned from India I began praying about my future and wondered if God would still have me continue teaching in the school setting.  I heard through the grapevine that I might be cut or bumped from my current workplace. This news pushed me to pursue other options.

About five years ago, I thought about becoming a Life Coach.  As I started to pursue this option I came across a website by Dan Miller.  He had a checklist of six things that a Life Coach should be.  I fit all six of those things.  I was convinced at that moment that this was the next step God was leading me in life.  For the first time, I could see myself living more than the age of 30. I could see how all of the hardships I have been through would be used.  I could see how I would be able to have the freedom in my job that I desire.  I could see how I could be a mom someday and still pursue my passion.  Teaching in a high school was the stepping-stone I needed to get experience in life, to show that I attain my goals, that I can overcome obstacles, and that I am self-motivated.  I figured things out, asked questions, and jumped into the unknown.  I believe I can take what I have learned in life to help others.  As a Life Coach I am committed to helping my clients to accomplish their goals, hold them accountable, and push them through some discomfort so they may thrive in life.