Against The Wind

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Several years ago my family went on a trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.  It wasn’t the first time our family had gone there, but it may have been the last time our entire family would go together. The uniqueness of this trip was on our way out to our chosen island and our way back to the homeland we canoed against the wind.  I’m sure we only canoed a few miles or so, but in the midst of the journey it felt like an eternity.  It was difficult both mentally and physically. I remember being partnered up with my youngest brother, Jeff.  He was quite young at the time and neither one of us had the muscle strength or the canoe skills to keep our canoe going in...

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A Call for True Beauty!

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A woman wakes up at 5 Am to take a twenty-minute shower.  She spends twenty minutes drying her hair, twenty minutes putting on her make-up, and twenty minutes picking out her outfit.  She spends twenty minutes preparing her low-fat breakfast so she can wear her skinny jeans later that evening.  She brushes her teeth and reapplies her lipstick before she walks briskly out the door to her posh vehicle that she spends a fortune on monthly payments. From the outside this woman looks like she has everything together.  She spends her time consumed by how she looks and what others think of her.  She rarely reads her bible and she makes sure she says a quick prayer before...

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Humility Through Suffering

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“Don’t break your arm patting yourself on your back” By Ruth Winland, my great-aunt As I was researching scriptures about humility and pride, I came across 1 Peter and got stuck on this passage in chapter five. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. “ 1 Peter 5:6 First, I was struck that humility is under God’s hand.  This means that we are not humble on our own.  We need God in order to be a humble person.  Naturally we are prideful, self-centered, and selfish.  God creates in us humility.  He does this in a few different ways and he has other purposes in those ways. This passage also struck me...

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