Why a Life Coach?

Why should I use a coach?

  • If you want to accomplish something specific, personal, and/or professional
  • If you have an end goal but don’t know all the steps to get to that goal
  • If you need accountability or an end date to work towards
  • If you are an external processor and need someone to bounce some ideas off of
  • If you need encouragement, new ideas, a new perspective, and/or clarity about your goal(s).

What is a coach’s role?

  • A coach will point out things that you are unable to see yourself
  • Encourage you throughout the journey
  • Challenge you to achieve your greatest potential.
  • Hold you accountable to the agreed steps
  • Restore confidence and quality of life
  • Assists with motivation
  • Brings to light what is hidden within you

What does a client need to have in order to use a coach?

  • Willingness to work hard and/or work for what they want
  • Ability to accomplish said-goals
  • Flexibility to change when things are not going as originally planned
  • Openness to new ideas and possible solutions
  • Ability to pay for coach

What a coach is not?

  • A therapist-
  • A miracle worker-
  • A consultant
  • A mentor
  • Although all of these (minus maybe miracle worker) have a small play into coaching it is not the job of a coach to fix past problems, tell you what to do, or to show you how to do the goals that have been established.  A coach may have suggestions, examples, solutions, and encouragements towards the said-goals but that isn’t their job.  See, What is a coach’s role?  for further information on the role of a coach.